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Atlanta GA FREE CMA. Atlanta GA Home Values for Atlanta Home Sellers.

Atlanta GA FREE CMA. Atlanta GA Home Values and Prices. Atlanta GA Home Sellers if you are planning to sell your home in Atlanta GA get a free CMA and find your your homes values! Atlanta GA listing agents offer FREE CMA - find Atlanta GA Home Prices.

Free CMA to find your homes valueBefore placing your Atlanta Georgia home on the market it's smart to do a little research to what similar or comparable homes or properties are actually selling for in your neighborhood in Atlanta Georgia. Why?  First of all selling a Atlanta GA home is a stressful event, and the fewer surprises the better! Also, if you price your home in Atlanta too low you'll lose money, and if the homes or property is priced to high your home will site on the market for a long period of time and eventually sell for less!

To set your homes selling price correctly it is very important to estimate of your home's value, by comparing it to similar homes or properties in your immediate neighborhood s that you can best determine your homes worth. Think of it as comparing apples to apples! This is easily accomplished by having us provide you with a Comparative Market Analysis, or Free CMA.  

A Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) is great not only for home sellers, but for home buyers also.
A CMA is just an estimate of your home or properties values based upon a local comparison in your immediate neighborhood. It will include information such as:

  • Sold Prices of Comparative Properties

  • How Long on The Market or Days on Market (DOM)

  • A Comparison of Property Features of Homes Sold and Currently Listed

  • Comparison of Ages of Home, Features and Upgrades

  • An Estimate of Price and Timeframe to Sell Based upon Current Market Conditions, and Inventory.

  • Absorption Rate - An Estimate of How Long it will Take to Sell Your Home based upon Current Market Inventory

  • Identify Current Market Competition to Your Property that is Currently on The Market.

  • Identify Appreciation Rates or Depreciation Rates in Your Immediate Area

With the results from the CMA's SOLD homes or similar properties found in the MLS search, they will be reconciled to your home and current condition, we can arrive at a selling price. Keep in mind that the price derived from a CMA is subjective. A CMA is not an appraisal. You need to hire a licensed appraiser to complete an appraisal.

So Before you list your home or property in Atlanta Georgia,  don't make a costly mistake! Call me first! I can provide a FREE CMA for your home, town home or property in Atlanta Georgia.  Then we can sit down and form a customized sales marketing strategy design to sell your home or property in Atlanta Georgia!  Our goal is to get you the highest possible price, in the shortest time, with the best possible terms, and as stress free as possible!