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Atlanta Listing Agents Jim and Ellen Crawford

Atlanta Home Seller Negotiations 

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Atlanta Homes for Sale  

Dealing with purchase and sales agreements and contracts

When buying or selling a home in Atlanta Georgia, you enter into a legally binding contract that must be clearly understood both in terms of your rights and obligations. Many contracts can vary in language and intent.  Our Atlanta GA real estate contracts are quite lengthy, but to a full time, professional and seasoned agents we can explain to you the details of these pre-printed forms. For legal advice you can consult a lawyer.  So don't make a costly mistake when you seek out the services of a buyer agent or listing agent. Hire the experience. Get the right results!

This will take a lot of pressure off you during the negotiation period....when it comes to dealing with offers presented.  Our experience can guide us.

Be realistic with your offer, because negotiations can be very emotional.

It costs you nothing to contact us for an interview, so if you think you might be interested, contact us!